Jammed pin : we need it to move !

Tractor at a Construction SiteHeavy equipment maintenance can bring several challenges that could increase the downtime on this equipment. In this article, we will talk about a part that is often jammed and that could delay the maintenance time enormously on heavy equipment which are the pins. So, we will introduce you to a relatively easy solution to apply in order to avoid financial and productivity problems.

When a pin is stuck, it could be long and difficult before being able to remove it in order to resume the maintenance of the equipment. Some may try to lubricate the part and hit it, others will heat it or will use an hydraulic equipment, in order to force its extraction. Those solutions could work but at what price ? The lubrication followed by hitting the part could be extremely long and inefficient. While using the hydraulic equipment to extract the pin could cause major damage to the equipment and does not guaranty success, especially if the pin doesn’t move. Besides that, often, several employees participate in the extraction, so the longer the process takes the more expensive it will be for the company in non productive time.

Our field experience has demonstrated that the utilization of equipment that could pierce a hole and heat the part at the same time allows a quicker extraction of the stuck part. The use of «exothermik » cutting & piercing tubes is a very sensible choice that could make you save a lot of time in maintenance (hour per employee) and increase your benefits.

Here is the procedure to use with the proper equipment and the « exothermik » tubes in order to proceed with the extraction of the pin on the heavy equipment.

  • Start piercing the part while taking care to create a flow space (red arrowcylindre on the picture), in order to allow the melting metal to get out easily and to facilitate greatly the job of the operator.
  • Continue the piercing until you get through the pin.
  • griz1As soon as the hole is completed, immediately sprinkle cold water on the pin with a water hose. The extremely hot part will contract in contact with cold water
  • Extract the pin manually or mechanically.

In order to extract a jammed pin, several techniques can be used but if the extraction doesn’t work with your usual strategies and the clock is ticking, it could payoff to try the Sodel Vulcain-Grizzly duo.

For more information or to receive a demonstration contact us.

Support@sodel.com / www.sodel.com

See the Sodel Vulcain-Grizzly duo in action


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